iEmu is the Best iOS Emulator Around

There are a lot of Kickstarter projects out there, and this is by far one of the best. iEmu is a project started by Chris Wade, who also happens to be jailbreak developer. Apple currently provides an iDevice simulator to developers, but it is lacking in a lot of areas, including only being able to run apps developed by the developer that’s testing.

iEmu is an emulator that can emulate any iDevice, including the Apple TV. What makes iEmu so special is that it is cross-platform. This includes the Mac, PC, iOS, and even Android…

What’s nice about iEmu is that it runs in an emulated environment, and it can run any applications, without the need of a jailbreak. It can also run iPhone/iPad apps, and has support for the Accelerometer, Gyroscope, and GPS.

I talked to Chris to ask if it can be jailbroken, and I was told yes. One thing I like in the emulator is that you can restore the emulator in iTunes through USB emulation.

If you want to help contribute to this project, you can donate. You can also see the current status of the project.

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