Screenshot Customizer: Add Colors and Patterns to Your Screenshot Flash

Jailbreaking your iDevice gives you the ability to customize it beyond your wildest dreams. Not only are there themes and icon packages that can change the look and feel of iOS, there are also tweaks available.

And if you really have an appetite for customizing, this next utility might just make your day. Now you can personalize something I’m willing to bet you would have never thought of, your screenshots…

Screenshot Customizer is pretty self explanatory. The simple tweak installs into your iOS Settings app, and allows you to — you guessed it — customize your screenshots.

You can toggle the utility on and off, as well as the accompanying vibrate option. You can even change the color and add patterns to the flash that appears when a screenshot is taken. Watch Jeff demonstrate:


The developer warns that this is his first tweak, but after using it several times I can confirm it works fine. What a cool way to add an extra level of personalization to your iDevice. Screenshot Customizer is available in Cydia for free.

Have you tried Screenshot Customizer yet?