Chinese Customs Block Smuggling of iPads and iPhones Using Pulleys and Crossbow

As reported by the WSJ, Chinese Customs officials have cracked down on a group of smugglers who, apparently, have been moving iPads and iPhones across the Hong Kong/China border using an elaborate pulley system which included, wait for it… a crossbow.

The six smugglers used their crossbow to propel a cable across the Sha Tau Kok river, according to reports…

The officials discovered a haul of 50 iPads and 50 iPhones, with a value of $47,000, which isn’t a bad night’s work by anyone’s standards.


This all came about due to the huge disparity between prices in the neighboring countries. Electronic devices suffer a 20% tax in mainland China, whereas the same devices in Hong Kong cost considerably less. In fact, Hong Kong has some of the lowest prices on the planet. With that in mind, it’s perhaps no surprise that smuggling such iDevices is such a lucrative business for those willing to take the chance of ending up in a Chinese prison!

While we at iDownloadBlog obviously don’t condone any kind of illegal activity, you do have to give these guys an A+ for effort!

Check out the video above for an insight into just how ingenious the whole system was.

How far would you go for an iDevice?

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