Google Planning to Combat iPhone 5 by Launching New Nexus Android Phone this Fall

Apple is set to launch its next iPhone in the coming months, and Apple’s competition is gearing up to combat the iPhone 5. Eyes are on Apple’s main competitor, Android, to see how Google and handset makers will react to Apple’s new device this Fall.

According to a report from BGR, Google is looking to introduce new devices this Fall running the upcoming “Ice Cream Sandwich” version of Android. It’s speculated that Google will unveil a new generation of its popular Nexus handset…


“We’ve received some information from a source with knowledge of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich plans, and it’s looking like the first Ice Cream Sandwich devices could start hitting the ground in as early as October. We have been told that Google is looking to push up the release of Ice Cream Sandwich devices as Apple’s iPhone 5 is expected in September or October, and the Mountain View-based company doesn’t want potential customers coming out of contracts (especially original DROID owners) and “drooling over the iPhone 5.”

New Android devices in October would match up with rumors that Apple will unveil the next iPhone in October, but there’s still a good chance that the iPhone 5 announcement will take place in September.

Google will definitely want to stay relevant in the shadow of Apple’s upcoming smartphone, so a new Nexus handset is expected. Droid users on Verizon may see a refresh as well.

How will the iPhone 5 upset Android market share in the coming months? Many iPhone customers’ contracts expired this summer, and some have already opted for a Android handset in light of Apple’s unusual release cycle this year — the iPhone 5 was not unveiled at WWDC this summer.

It will definitely be interesting to see who comes out victorious in the Apple v.s. Android battle this holiday season.

[9to5Mac, image via asgw]