iPhone Owners More Ad-Happy Than Android Users

It’s always fun to compare iPhone and Android smartphone users across a variety of different metrics, though for the life of me I can’t quite work out why. Is it because we’re all pre-programmed to initiate competition in just about anything, or is it because we iPhone users possess a slight air of superiority?

No matter the reason, we have a new set of statistics, this time comparing the regularity with with the two camps and those mobile ads we all know and love…

The new stats come courtesy of ad company Jumpstart, who discovered that iPhone users are indeed more likely to tap ads than their Android-toting counterparts, and by some margin.

The stats break down thus: with the industry standard click-through rate of 0.52%, iPhone users come in considerably higher, at 0.78%, while Android owners are just below the average, at 0.47%.

The competition, BlackBerry, Symbian and WebOS all also lag behind the iOS platform, according to the graph above.

Jumpstart believes that the iPhone’s consistent user experience and the improved browsing account for the higher percentage, though it could just be that we iPhone owners are just so susceptible to a good ad!

Why do you think iPhone owners tap more ads than Android fans?