Weird iOS Glitches Allow You to Fake FaceTime Calls and More

Apple’s iOS platform is considered to be one of the safest mobile operating systems in the industry. A major reason for that is how strict Steve Jobs and company have been with their mobile ecosystem.

There’s very few bugs or glitches in iOS, and ones that are found get patched fairly quickly. That being said,  JailbreakMe 3 creator Comex tweeted a couple of interesting links yesterday that make iOS do some weird  stuff when accessed through Mobile Safari…

The first URL, facetime-accept://*, launches a fake FaceTime call when accessed from a FaceTime-compatible device. The cool part is that you can customize the caller by replacing the * with whatever name you want to show up. “Excuse me, I have to take this. It’s my duck Waffles.”

The other link, tellock://, will instantly force an iDevice to its lock screen — well, sort of. The weird thing about it is you can exit the “lock screen” by simply pressing the home button. Though the 2 glitches aren’t much more than novelties, they may provide you with a few moments of entertainment.

Were you able to get the links to work? Thoughts?