Clear Your iOS App Icons Badges with BadgeClear

BadgleClear is a new jailbreak application, and I’d put in the same category as No Badges and No Folder Badges. Just like its name implies, BadgeClear will clean up your iPhone or iPad apps icons badge notifications at the tap of a button.

Unlike the 2 apps mentioned above, BadgeClear actually lets you choose what badges you want to clear up. Simply bring your icons to wiggle mode (tap and hold), then tap any badges you wish to remove. BadgeClear will even clean out all the icon badges inside Folders if you tap a Folder’s badge…


I kinda like the idea of BadgeClear, but I find it cumbersome to always have to “manually” select what badges you want to clear.

You know what would make this app perfect to me? If it could let me select what apps can or cannot show a badge on my springboard. For example, I could tweak the settings so that the Mail app always displays how many unread emails I have, and at the same time I could make sure the Facebook app never displays any badge icon. Now this is something I’d use.

BadgeClear is available in Cydia for the price of $0.99. Looks like something you’d use?

Update: Some of you in the comments mention turning badge notification OFF in Settings > Notifications > XYZ App. I am well aware of this. This works for push notifications but it doesn’t work in the case of non-push notifications. For example, my Facebook app is set to NOT push notifications. But if I launch the app and I have 5 unread messages, a badge will appear showing the number 5 on my Facebook app icon, unless of course I read those 5 messages. There is no way around this so far.