Is There a Limit to What the Apple Store Will Allow?

Apple Stores are pretty famous for being cool with just about anything. From dancing in the store,  to even bringing your own pet, Apple usually allows you to do just about anything you want.

Comedian Mark Malkoff decided to put Apple to the test and see if there was a limit to what the Apple Store will allow you to do. In this short video, Mark gets a pizza delivered, has a romantic dinner, gets his iPhone fixed while dressed as Darth Vader, and finally, brings a goat in the store…

I remember meeting Mark Malkoff about a year ago in Las Vegas. He showed me the exact same iPhone he’s trying to have fixed in this video. I guess he doesn’t care too much for a broken screen.

At any rates, it’s hilarious to see what Apple will let you do inside their stores.

More from Mark Malkoff on his website.

[Thanks @whtlime for the tip]