Apple Hiring Extra Employees This August for iPhone 5 Launch

Hot on the heels of reports that Apple Retail UK has been recruiting new staff for an unknown event in the next couple months, new claims have surfaced that Apple is undergoing a similar recruitment drive in the United States.

According to MacRumors, Apple has, in the past, turned to ex-employees to fill the gaps created by staff holidays, and it isn’t unknown for them to be used during big product launches, too.  Now, one such ex-employee says they have been asked to do just that for what is believed to be the launch of the next iPhone…

The anonymous tipster claims that they have received an email asking them to re-join the Apple Store workforce temporarily— with the window being between August 15 and September 15.

Before we all take that as gospel that this confirms a release window for the much anticipated iPhone 5, it’s also worth noting that this could simply be Apple getting ready for their ‘Back to School’ campaign.

The dates do, however, fit in all-too-nicely with the expected release date of the fifth-generation iPhone.

Will we be getting our hands on an iPhone 5 in the next couple of months? Will iOS 5 be ready in time?

The latest beta of Apple’s new mobile operating system was recently seeded to developers, and iOS 5 Beta 4 the first outing for Apple’s new over-the-air updating system. iOS 5 Beta 4 was released on Friday.

If the August/September release window is indeed correct, we’d expect to see a Golden Master release of iOS 5 in the next couple of weeks.