Apple Planning Big Things for the iPhone in China

The iPhone’s presence in China is about to get supercharged, thanks to an alleged agreement between the nation’s largest carrier, China Mobile, and the folks at Cupertino. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple and China Mobile are “getting closer” to an iPhone deal for the carrier’s 600+ million wireless customers.

Once China Mobile joins China Telecom and China Unicom as the third carrier to offer the iPhone in the world’s most populated nation, we’re sure Apple will start bringing in international profit but the truckloads…

Bloomberg also reports that Apple’s next gen iPhone is already planned to launch on China Telecom and Unicom this Fall, with China Mobile hopefully following.

“China Telecom Corp. and China Unicom will sell Apple Inc’s new iPhone model in the country as early as the third quarter of the year, Caixin reported today, citing an unidentified person.”

The WSJ notes that reaching an agreement with China Mobile won’t be an easy task for Apple.

“Still, many challenges face Apple, such as government technical requirements that phones use an unusual wireless Internet technology, and the huge market for gray- and black-market electronics, where users can easily buy modified iPhones from overseas as well as fake iPads.”

Apple’s COO, Tim Cook, was recently spotted at China Mobile HQ. And talks between the telecom and Apple have been reportedly happening behind closed doors for a very long time.

With a China Mobile deal reaching its finalization, and Apple already planning on launching the next gen iPhone on its other two Chinese partners this Fall, more iPhones should be in the hands of the Chinese than ever before.