AT&T iPhone Activations Match Last Quarter at 3.6 Million

In its second quarter financial results today, AT&T revealed it had activated 3.6 million iPhones during the three-month period ending in June. This figure is identical to that announced for AT&T’s first financial quarter, however, it is an increase over the 3.2 million devices activated during the same quarter last year.

After falling over the last 12-18 months, the number of new customers activating iPhones seems to have stabilized. 24% of iPhone activations were for new customers, which is just slightly higher than the first quarter, and significantly lower than the 40% rate during the early days of the iPhone.

AT&T’s second quarter is a fairly pivotal one, as it was the first full quarter since the CDMA iPhone 4 was launched on Verizon — ending AT&T’s exclusivity in the U.S. However, MacRumors explains why it isn’t easy to compare the results of each carrier:

“It is difficult, however, to compare exact sales numbers between the carriers and to Apple’s total figures, in part because AT&T’s activation numbers have historically included both new purchases and reactivation of used handsets that have been resold or passed down to other customers.”

AT&T did report that subscriber turnover had slightly decreased since the CDMA iPhone was released during the first quarter, however, the carrier hasn’t suffered any significant loss to the Verizon iPhone.

Are you a Verizon customer who has switched from AT&T? What were your reasons for switching?