Defend Against an Alien Invasion with “Q Pang” for iPhone

Q Pang was developed by Bobtan and is an excellent 4.5 star rated iPhone game. If you love blowing up aliens in an explosive arcade fashion, then this game is perfect for you.

Q Pang has a traditional set up. Located at the bottom of the screen, an incredibly cute cat, the hero, must keep waves of attacking invaders from outerspace from reaching land.  In order to do so, he has to blow them sky high.

In my opinion, that’s where the similarity between Q Pang and other shooters end. First of all, the hero in question is a cat. This ferociously cute thing packs a hard punch with personality to boot. From crazy-looking glowing eyes when he’s mowing down the Qs, to coordinating outfits for some of his weapons, this alien blasting Garfield is not your typical anti-alien defense force…

He travels from planet to planet in his one-cat-war against the Q, making his brave stand against unique weapons like cakes and fans in addition to the more usual machine gun and laser type weaponry.

The controls are straight forward. Just aim and fire with a tap of the touchscreen providing a gun sight intended to make targeting Qs more effective.

Q Pang offers a large variety of gameplay. It currently has 6 planets with 5 stages within them giving a total of 30 levels. Each planet offers 5 increasingly difficult levels to hone your skills. Also, there are many different types of enemies, so gameplay doesn’t get too boring.

The visual aspects of the game are well designed and the animation is really awesome. From the expressive main character to the blobby, evilly cute Q race, the graphics are fresh and fun. There are bright colors and humorous character designs, as well as great audio and effects.

Available in the App Store for $0.99, Q Pang is a worthwhile choice for the casual gamer with a sense of humor.

Good Points:

  • Fun Fresh Gameplay
  • Many different weapons, enemies and stages
  • Great for casual and hardcore gamers

Bad Points:

  • Can be repetitive at times

Have you tried this game yet? What’s your take on it?