App Picks of the Week: Stratus, Pro:Alarm, StockTouch

Every week, we select a few apps that catch our eye. These apps can be from the App Store, web apps, or jailbreak apps.

This week, we’ve got three awesome App Store apps. Status is an app for sharing files, Pro:Alarm takes your typical alarm clock experience to the next level, and StockTouch is a beautiful app that brings the stock market to your iPad. Hope you enjoy this week’s picks!


CloudApp is a service on the Mac that lets you easily share files through shortened links. The app makes it super easy to share other links, text, photos, video, etc. with the world, and lots of apps (like Tweetbot) are starting to support CloudApp.

Stratus is the newest CloudApp client for the iPhone and iPad. This beautiful app lets you do everything you would expect from a CloudApp client, including the ability to view all your uploads and share content from your iOS device. Unlike other clients, Stratus offers great options for uploading content from your iPhone/iPad’s Camera roll, etc. You can playback and view all of your uploaded files as well.

Stratus offers a great iPhone and iPad app experience for CloudApp. It’s available for free in the App Store!


App Advice calls Pro:Alarm a ” beautiful swiss army knife” for clocks on the iPhone, and we couldn’t agree more. Pro:Alarm, by Less Code, does everything that the native Clock app for the iPhone does, and more. The app divides itself into 4 different clock categories: World Clock, Alarms, Timer, and Location.

World Clock mode offers lots of customization for adding and viewing different timezones. (You can even see the temperature for different locations.) The Alarms functionality does everything you would expect, but it also lets you set alarms for dates instead of just times. For travelers, you can set alarms for different time zones. Timers work in the same way, but the design of the interface looks a little better than the native Clock app. The Location alarm category in Pro:Alarm is the really cool feature of the app. You can create alarms that only activate when you’re in a specific location. You can set the location in a map view and set multiple alarms for different regions.

Pro:Alarm’s extensive customization, theming, Dock Mode, and location based features make it a worthy contender to the stock Clock app on the iPhone. Pro:Alarm costs $0.99 in the App Store, and there’s also a free, lite version to try.


If you’re into the Wall Street scene, StockTouch will give you a beautiful view of the stock market right on your iPad. The app features up-to-the-minute updating and a mission control-style overview of the market’s different categories. These categories include, Consumer Goods, Services, Healthcare, Energy, Technology, Financial, Industrial Goods, Materials and Utilities.

You can view the top 100 companies in each sector. Companies doing well are colored green. Black stands for breaking even, and red for falling stock price. You can view each company’s stock sheet and all of the related details. StockTouch is great at showing how the market is doing overall, and you can easily track the S&P 500, and NASDAQ.

Whether you’re heavily interested in the stock market, or you just like to keep up with your favorite company (Apple, right?), StockTouch is sure to please. The app is available on the iPad for $4.99 in the App Store.

That’s it for this week’s picks! Let us know what you think of these apps in the comments below. Also, what cool apps have you downloaded recently?