StatusGoogle: Google Search Bar for Notification Center

We figure that most folks that haven’t opted to try jailbreaking iOS 5 by now aren’t going to. Perhaps you are waiting on an untethered jailbreak, or for more iOS 5 support from your favorite Cydia apps. But for those of you who have been waiting for more trivial reasons, check this out.

If the previously available custom widgets haven’t caught your eye yet, let me show you StatusGoogle. The utility installs itself into your Notifications Center drop down menu, and allows you to initiate a Google search inside any app with a swipe of your finger…

If you’ve ever been in your Twitter app and read something that you’d like more information on, you know how useful this tool could be. Simply pull down the notifications menu, select the StatusGoogle widget, and start typing.

Once you’ve typed in what you want to search for, the widget opens up Safari to the Google website. The page loads with search results based on what you typed in the StatusGoogle widget.

This would really come in handy when you want to Google something quickly. If you want to check out StatusGoogle, it’s available for free in Cydia. Just make sure you have in your list of sources.

What’s your take on StatusGoogle?