‘Ergo HD’ DreamBoard Theme Aims to Innovate With Ergonomic Dual Hand Navigation

Today we’re going to talk about something a little different in the theming universe. I’d like to introduce to you a DreamBoard theme called ErgoHD.

Now this isn’t your typical iPhone theme for a number of reasons, and the first reason of course being that it’s a DreamBoard theme and not your run of the mill WinterBoard affair.

Secondly, Ergo HD is aiming primarily at the non-ambidextrous demographic, seeing as its main selling point is being able to use it comfortably with either hand.

Sound interesting? Then check out this video walkthrough of Ergo HD…


Hats off to the developer for aiming to make something unique, but in the end I think that the goal of pushing the dual-handed envelope hinders the theme more than helps it.

Sure, the theme features the ability to switch between left-hand usage and right-hand usage, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of bells and whistles that most DreamBoard themes are known for.

And even the ergonomics themselves are a mixed bag of chips. If you have small hands, then it’s likely you’ll be comfortable with the wheel-based navigation. If you have gargantuan-sized hands like yours truly, it’s going to be an experience fraught with evil hand-cramps.

You’ve got to love the attempt at innovation, but in the end, there’s not much else there to make you want to continue using it.

Maybe you have a different opinion about Ergo HD? I’d gladly like to hear your thoughts below.

P.S. And who said we couldn’t use the iPhone in dual hand mode as-is? Just curious. Ergo HD can be purchased on the Cydia store or DreamStore for $2.99, and you must have a jailbroken iPhone in order to do so.