Verizon Ending Unlimited Data Plans Next Month?

We knew it was coming. Rumors of Verizon killing off the unlimited data plan have been running wild for several months now. Not to mention, most of the speculation has pointed to a summer deadline.

Well it appears the gossip is true. DroidLife recently outlined an all-to-likely scenario of Verizon’s intent to roll out tiered data plans next month. Obviously, for that to happen, the $30 dollar unlimited plan must go…

After July 7, new customers, and possibly current customers renewing their contracts, will be looking at a completely revamped data menu. The company is removing the all-you-can-eat data plan to make way for a new tiered pricing structure.

Though Verizon hasn’t made an official announcement, DroidLife has evidence piled to the ceiling with certainty. The new plans range from $30 for 2GB of data to $80 10GB , and an extra $20 for tethering. Add another $10 per GB for overages.

First AT&T, and now Verizon — I’m wondering if Sprint and T-Mobile will follow suit. Especially since both companies are rumored to start carrying the iPhone later this year.

What do you think? How do our Verizon readers feel about this change?