New GEVEY Ultra SIM iPhone 4 Unlock, No More Dialing 112

Apple may not want you to unlock your iPhone, but GEVEY sure does. The company has just released a new solution to the iPhone 4 unlock problem. If you’re tired of waiting for a software unlock to come out, you may just want to keep reading.

We’ve talked about GEVEY SIM cards before, but the Ultra is supposed to be the end-all unlock solution for the iPhone 4. It works with every version of firmware from iOS 4.0 – iOS 5, as well as several basebands…

If you absolutely need to unlock your iPhone 4, it looks like GEVEY Ultra might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. Where UltraSn0w is limited to baseband 1.59, GEVEY Ultra works with 1.59, 2.10, 3.10.1 and 4.10.1.

Though GEVEY SIMs have been around for a while, there’s always been a question of their legality. Part of the GEVEY SIM unlocking procedure has always involved dialing 112, which is an emergency number and therefore illegal in some countries.

With GEVEY Ultra, users no longer need to dial 112 as part of the unlock activation. Another change in Ultra is that users need to have a jailbroken iPhone for it to work. In past versions, users did not need to be jailbroken to use GEVEY products.

Perhaps the most surprising detail is the price tag. While some unlock services can cost as much as $180.00, GEVEY Ultra will run you a mere $29 $39.99 from applenberry.

It doesn’t seem like the jailbreak community is anywhere close to releasing a software unlock for iPhone 4’s on newer basebands. So although we can’t recommend GEVEY Ultra until it’s been deemed safe and legal, it might be your best bet for right now.

Have tried the new GEVEY Ultra or currently use a GEVEY SIM? Thoughts?