Whited00r Firmware Provides Jailbreak and Unlock for Older iDevices

We’ve gotten some complaints in the past that we don’t give older iPhones any lovin’. The truth is, we try to keep up with innovation in the jailbreak community and there just typically isn’t much of that going on for devices older than the 3GS. Especially since Apple stopped supporting them.

But for folks with older iDevices that really want to join in on the jailbreaking festivities, check out Whited00r. If you haven’t heard about this cool little project, it’s essentially a firmware file that has been modified to include multitasking, video recording and oh yeah, it’s jailbroken

Update: As Comex rightly pointed out to us, using WhiteD00r is a major copyright infringement. We thought we’d let you know.

iDB has touched on Whited00r in the past, but find that a lot of folks with older Apple ARM6 devices still don’t know much about it. The custom firmware is available to anyone still rocking an iPhone 2G or 3G or an iPod touch 1G or 2G, and it even comes in an unlocked flavor.

“Whitd00r is a custom firmware for your device, that includes the best tweaks available. Installing Whited00r  firmware will get you a fully optimized device, in just a few minutes, with a simple restore of your iPhone or iPod touch. You will have all features enabled but your device will run really fast anyway.”

The software adds multitasking and home screen wallpaper control to your device. The multitasking dock is optimized to run on devices with limited RAM, and even includes working iPod controls. The home screen wallpaper option is nice too because it doesn’t rely on Winterboard, which can slow down iOS.

In fact, the custom firmware offers multiple ways to improve the performance of your device. It allows you to uninstall unwanted features like Spotlight  or Push Notifications, and lets you uninstall unneeded languages to free up hard disk space.

Whited00r also enables features like multimedia messaging (MMS), tethering and video recording, and even includes a Flash video converter. It actually seems less like jailbroken firmware, and more like a complete iOS replacement.

I’ve always wondered why custom, prepackaged firmwares haven’t caught on in the jailbreak community the same way they have with Android users. Imagine if developers started creating custom firmwares with tons of built-in tweaks and UI enhancements for all iDevices.

Even with several tweaks baked in, Whited00r still includes the latest version of Cydia. iPhone owners also have the option to download an unlocked version of the firmware, which allows the phone to be used on any compatible carrier.

Whited00r is a free download and installation is as easy as restoring to the custom firmware file, which can be downloaded here. If you’re the cautious type though, sit tight and our Whited00r tutorial will be available shortly.

Have you tried whited00r yet? Opinions?