Browse the Photos in Your Twitter Timeline with Photofon

From the creators of the popular Echofon Twitter client for Mac OS X and iOS comes Photofon – a new application for the iPhone which focuses its efforts on photography, and provides you with effortless access to all of the photos posted in your Twitter timeline.

Photofon isn’t just another Twitter client for your iPhone, but instead an application for those who would rather look at pictures than read a long list of lifeless text…

Forget trawling through your timeline to view the photos posted by your friends, Photofon displays them all when you login. Each photo is expanded to a decent size to offer you a reasonable view of the image, with its accompanying text displayed above.

You have the option to retweet or favorite each picture, but you can’t really do much else. Although it’s not designed to be a full-featured Twitter client, the ability to reply to photos posted by your friends would be a handy feature. Hopefully we’ll see this in a future update.

For anyone into their photos, or those of you who can’t help but view pictures posted on Twitter, Photofun is a nice little application and it’s completely free. If you’ve tried it already, what do you think?