Next iPhone Rumored to Have 64GB Capacity

As the suspected launch date for the next iPhone draws near, the rumors continue to pile up. Here is another one to add to the pile.

In several memos from Verizon, a rumor leaked of possible capacities for the next iPhone. The memo mentioned 32 and 64GB capacities. The 32GB version would obviously be the same size as the larger of the current models, but the 64 would be new…

The only problem here is that this could be a typo. The memo states these capacities after a reference to the iPhone 4. There currently isn’t a 64GB iPhone 4, but we’ve seen before that a 64GB iPhone might be in the works.

Now on the technical side of this, expanding the capacity to 64GB wouldn’t be some feat of engineering as the current design of the iPhone is capable of easily being upgraded to a 64GB. Just look at the iPod Touch 4G.

Would you appreciate the expansion to 64GB? Is it too much?

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