iPhone 64GB in the Works?

What would the rumor mill do without the overseas “black” and “grey” markets? They seem to be the place to find leaked Apple products and prototypes that may otherwise have been lost in the abyss. The latest find seems to be an iPhone 4 prototype with a reported 64GB hard drive on board.

According to Unwire.hk, this unconfirmed Apple iPhone 64GB model can be purchased from Sin Tak, the largest grey market in Hong Kong. The sellers claim these are actual engineered models, and available in small quantity.

Still not sold? The GB marking on the back of the device, matches the badge on the back of the famous iPhone 4 lost in a bar, “XXGB”. The model number is listed as XXXXX, and the FCC ID as BCG-XXXXXX. If you notice in the screen shot above, the capacity is certainly showing 64GB. It also shows a model number of 995-6049LL.

Could these screen shots have been faked? Absolutely. Is it conceivable that such a product exists though? You bet. With 64GB iPads and iPods alike, an iPhone model with this much storage is likely to come up frequently in conversation between Jobs and his Cupertino co-workers.

Does anyone hope to see a 64GB model announced this June? Or are you satisfied with your 16GB or 32GB? Sound off below!