Rumor Mill Pegs iPhone 5 UK Release Date, November 21

Obviously when the word “rumor” is in the title, the content of the article should be taken with a grain of salt. We try and report any new next generation iPhone information, whether it be rumor or speculation, to give readers a full marker set to draw their own conclusions.

Combining all of the gossip we’ve heard so far, the iPhone doesn’t sound like it’s coming in June. While Apple has a tendency to surprise, I doubt they’d let millions of customers think that a new iPhone wasn’t coming this summer, if it was. So if they’re not following the typical release cycle, when can we expect Apple’s next smartphone?

We’ve heard multiple times that Apple might launch the next iPhone sometime in the fall, but this is the first time we’ve heard an exact date. Popular Apple blog 9to5Mac reported today that a Phones4U (wireless retailer in the UK) representative is claiming that the iPhone 5 will hit the UK market on November 21st of this year.

As the site points out, this would add to the growing pile of assumed-evidence that Apple is planning on unveiling their next iPhone in September. The tipster also mentioned that the new iPhone will be “offered on similar tariffs to those offered to early iPhone 4 adopters.”

Will we see the iPhone 5 on November 21st? Not likely. For starters, it’s a Monday and the Apple faithful know that their major product launches generally fall on Fridays. And though a November launch puts the device in prime position for the holidays, it could potentially take away sales from an assumed iPod refresh expected around the same time.

I think we’ll see some extremely impressive things next month at WWDC that will hopefully fill in some blanks on Apple’s next device. It’s been rumored that iOS 5 will be a major factor in attracting customers to the next iPhone, suggesting that the design of the device won’t be too far off of the current.

iDB is interested. Will you wait until November to upgrade?