iPad Survives Getting Run Over by a Car, Thanks to Extreme Sleeve

Remember that iPad case that we showed you earlier this year called the Extreme Sleeve? Let me give you a quick reminder. G-Form, a company well known for their extreme sports protective gear has ventured into the portable electronic arena. They have made protective gear for MacBooks and other laptops, and they now have one for the iPad.

Their G-Form Extreme Sleeve has been grabbing headlines over the last few months, as the G-Form team has gone through great lengths to prove its durability. They’ve dropped bowling balls on their Extreme Sleeve-covered iPads and have even dropped one out of an airplane. Each time the iPad has emerged unharmed.

When we previously reported on the product it was not available yet, but it promised to start shipping May 2nd of this year. Well it looks like the Extreme Sleeve is starting to make its way to user’s hands, as a new video from Mobile Syrup puts the Sleeve through its own durability test. Is the Extreme Sleeve tough enough to protect an iPad from being run over by a car? Let’s watch.

Though the video stops playing, the iPad appears to be just fine. Now that these G-Form Extreme Sleeves are available to the masses, I’m guessing this isn’t the last we’ve seen of these extreme iPad survival videos. I’m sure G-Form is loving the free viral advertising.

What do you think?