G-Form Extreme Sleeve Protects iPad From Airplane Drop

So you’ve got yourself a nice new iPad 2, what do you do next? While some folks moan at the mention of accessories, others couldn’t live with out them. I’ve got a protective case on both my iPad and my iPhone 4.

I’ve dropped either device multiple times, and can’t imagine what the outcome would have been, had they not been protected. You may not need a car charger, but I always recommend some sort of case.

Some users only need light protection, like an InvisibleShield. There is a lot to be said for the thin, scratch-proof protection of the Zagg product. But what if you need more protection than just a thin layer of plastic?

While there are dozens of heavy duty cases and sleeves, none of them can take a beating like the Extreme Sleeve for the iPad. We’ve seen the prototype soft-shell sleeve protect an iPad from an 8lb bowling ball, but the guys over at G-Form couldn’t stop there.

Today they uploaded a video of their Extreme Sleeve’s latest feat, which involves a 500 ft. drop out of an airplane. You’ve got to watch the video for yourself, I can’t believe the iPad survives the drop.

The company most known for their line of extreme sports protective gear, is venturing into the consumer electronics accessory game with this soft-shell sleeve for the iPad. Although not currently available, they are accepting pre-orders and expect to start shipping May 2nd.

What do you think? What’s your heavy-duty case of choice?