doubleTwist Invites Android Devices to AirPlay

Typically, Apple’s AirPlay function is exclusive to iDevices. Since the release of the inexpensive Apple TV2 last fall, Apple’s AirPlay feature has really garnered some attention, both good and bad.

Good, because iDevice users can sling media content from their handheld devices, to their HDTV, without any kind of setup. Bad, because you must be using an iDevice with your Apple TV2, since the functionality is exclusive to the Cupertino company’s products. Until now.

This is where doubleTwist comes in. The developers of the infamous “iTunes for Android” software just updated their already popular application in a big way. The new technology will allow users to wirelessly stream their media from their Android devices to Apple TVs and other DLNA-compatible products.

“doubleTwist now supports AirPlay for users who have upgraded to AirSync. When a supported device such as the Apple TV is recognized on the same WiFi network as your Android device, you can start streaming to it from the doubleTwist playback controls”

I would recommend grabbing this product while you can. I was surprised that Apple hadn’t taken legal action against doubleTwist before, when they just allowed you to sync a non-Apple device with iTunes. Now that they have implemented AirPlay technology, I can’t imagine Steve Jobs and company keeping silent.

Remember they’re dispute with Palm? The original Palm Pre was able to sync natively with iTunes until Apple disabled the functionality via a software update. Maybe the folks at doubleTwist have all their bases covered. At any rate, the doubleTwist software is free in the Android market, but to get the new AirPlay compatibility you must purchase the AirSync feature for $5.

Has anyone tried this out yet?