How to Make Your Own White iPhone 4

You’ve probably heard that Apple finally released the white iPhone 4 after a ten month delay. If you bought the black iPhone 4 and you’re still under contract with your carrier, it’s not very financially reasonable to break your contract and purchase the white iPhone at full price.

There are several methods for turning your black iPhone into the beautiful, other-worldly, white specimen that Apple released last week. Let’s take a look at the options…

ColorWare – $250

The folks at ColorWare will actually paint your iPhone for you. Not only will they paint it white, but any other color you please. You can even mix and match colors for a rainbow iPhone. (Why hasn’t Apple thought of that yet?)

It will take about two weeks to paint your iPhone, but ColorWare is top of the line when it comes to this type of service. You can also order and color your iPhone at once from ColorWare for $1,350.

OMG, White Unicorn EyePhone Kit! – $16.45

Obama Pacman is selling a white iPhone 4 front/back mod kit that gives your iPhone the white look. They even offer the case with a retro, rainbow Apple logo for the back plate.

This kit is one of the cheapest methods for giving your iPhone 4 the white treatment. Although it’s not as detailed as a solution like ColorWare, it’s still enough of a kit to fool people into thinking you actually have a white iPhone. This kit is also very easy to install.

White Snap Case – $34.95

While it’s doesn’t exactly turn your black iPhone into a white one, the white Snap Case from Incase makes your iPhone 4 look white. This snap-on case will run you $35 and covers most of the iPhone in a decent protective skin.

This case allows easy access to all of the iPhone’s controls and definitely gives the initial impression that your iPhone is white. But let’s be honest, you won’t be fooling anyone with this case.

Nude Case – $19.99

This sexy case is super thin. SwitchEasy offers the Nude case in a range of colors, including white. Unlike the Snap case, the Nude fits incredibly close to your iPhone and is only 1mm thick.

You shouldn’t consider this case if you’re looking for something durable, but the Nude case from SwitchEasy is a nice option to give your iPhone 4 the white treatment.

Mophie Juice Pack Air – $79.95

The mophie series has been a famous line of iPhone cases for years. The “juice pack air” case comes in, you guessed it, white. Not only will this case provide your iPhone with protection, but it will also recharge your battery on the go.

The mophie cases aren’t cheap, but they’re some of the best quality cases in the business.

DIY – $?

Engadget has a helpful walkthrough on taking apart and modding your iPhone with white plates. If you’re into the DIY method, this solution could be the best option for you.

Be warned, if you choose to take apart and tamper with your iPhone 4, you will void your warranty and risk not being able to put it together again. This method is not for the faint of heart, but it offers the most genuine results for a truly modded white iPhone.

Hopefully this roundup helped you see the ways that you can make your own white iPhone 4. Don’t forget, if all else fails, there’s always spray paint. (Don’t really use spray paint.)

Have you modded your iPhone to give it the white treatment? Share you thoughts and stories with us below!