White iPhone 4 Antenna and Proximity Sensor Tested

Italian tech blog iSpazio has already posted one of the web’s first unboxing videos, and now they’ve followed that up with another video showcasing the white iPhone 4’s potential issues, if any.

Among the many rumored reasons why the white iPhone 4 was ever delayed in the first place was due to the fact that the material used caused proximity sensor issues. This understandably wasn’t up to snuff with Apple’s notorious quality assurance standards.

Eventually all of those issues got straightened out. Was it the white paint after all? We still may never know the true reasons behind the delay, but it’s good to know that whatever was holding the white version of Apple’s top selling smartphone back, has been fixed…

The video shows the iPhone handling any potential proximity or antenna issues like a champ. This is likely to do with the reengineering of the proximity sensor, and some tweaks to the iPhone’s antenna.

We’re sure iFixIt will have a full tear down of the device to spot the differences between it and the black iPhone 4 before two shakes of a donkey’s tail.

Now who’s ready for some good old-fashioned white iPhone 5 rumors to begin?