Air Penguin for iPhone is the Latest Bird Game Sensation to Hit the App Store

First there was Angry Birds, then Tiny Wings, and now a new bird-related game has joined the App Store’s flock. Air Penguin is a relatively new phenomenon that now sits comfortably in the top ten list of paid apps in the App Store.

What makes Air Penguin so great? Nothing really sets the game apart from the other feather-filled apps that came before it, but Air Penguin is a great example one thing: a really fun game.

In the game, your goal is simple. You guide Air Penguin through the dangerous terrain of Antarctica on a mission to save his family from melting ice caps. Although penguins can’t fly, you can still make Air Penguin flap his wings like crazy to get some air as you jump through each level.

Air Penguin uses the iPhone’s accelerometer for tilt-based gameplay. There are no buttons or onscreen controls to mess with, which actually makes for a more fun gaming experience. The addictive nature of Air Penguin lies in its simplicity, and, like Doodle Jump, you’ll find yourself losing track of time as you jump and fly through each level.

The gameplay consists of you tilting the iPhone in all directions as Air Penguin jumps and flies around obstacles. You collect golden fish for points as you jump (the app works with Game Center). The fish you collect also help you unlock 39 different Game Center achievements.

Story Mode takes you through the journey of 100 levels with different obstacles, power-ups, and challenges. Survival Mode is my personal favorite.

Is Air Penguin revolutionary? No. But it’s a fun and simple game that will keep you entertained. I don’t see Air Penguin having the longevity or mass appeal that Angry Birds does, but it’s still a solid game that’s proven its legitimacy on the App Store charts.

Air Penguin is available for $0.99, once again proving that the App Store is for the birds.

What do you think of Air Penguin?