Tweetdeck for iPhone Gets a Huge Makeover with New Features

The popular Twitter client for the iPhone, Tweetdeck, has significantly upgraded to version 2.0. As one of the original third party Twitter apps, Tweetdeck has been a fan favorite client in the App Store for a long time.

The develepors behind Tweetdeck have completely redesigned the iPhone app from the ground up. Tweetdeck 2.0 offers a whole new set of features and looks quite different from its previous version.

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  • All major Twitter features are supported: Sending updates, retweeting (native and old-style), favourites, mentions, direct messages and searching
  • Posting to multiple Twitter accounts is a breeze
  • Facebook status updates, notifications, wall posts, Likes and comments are all at your fingertips
  • Configurable, combined Home, Me and Inbox columns are standard, bringing all your feeds and notifications together
  • Fully flexible custom columns allow the combination of any number of different feeds, from all services and all accounts. You decide what you want to see, just pinch a column and start configuring.
  • Innovative navigation of Twitter profiles helps you discover new feeds that can all be added as columns at the touch of a button
  • See the conversation in context with tweets above and below in detail view.
  • Easily send long posts thanks to full support
  • Clean & clear compose window features image uploading, geo-tagging and username autocomplete for @mentions. Press and hold a link to auto-shorten using
  • Login with your TweetDeck account to speed through the setup process, or just provide a Twitter or Facebook account and get started.
  • Jump to the top of a column with a quick tap of the iPhone status bar.

Tweetdeck 2.0 is a very refreshing revamp of the column-based Twitter client. The app handles multiple accounts very well, and the overall design is definitely geared towards a “mission control” style of viewing Twitter.

Columns are Tweetdeck’s strong suit. If you’re unfamiliar with Tweetdeck, the app presents different sets of information (Mentions, DMs, etc) with a card-like column view that you rotate through horizontally. A particularly appealing feature of Tweetdeck is the ability to add a Facebook feed into its own column.

Tweetdeck has most of the features you would expect from a Twitter client, and version 2.0 introduces some interesting new gestures for moving through the interface. You can pinch inward on a column to view its settings, pull to refresh, and swipe through your different columns with ease. is a huge part of Tweetdeck. The service allows you to post tweets that exceed the 140 character limit. It’s nice to see a Twitter client with this type of built-in feature.

I like Tweetdeck 2.0, but it still lacks of a lot of features that other Twitter clients had had for a long time. In my opinion, Tweetbot is still leading the race for best third party Twitter app. Tweetdeck lacks many customization options (services, translations, etc.), and many actions seem a tad bit cumbersome when compared to even the official Twitter client.

However, if you’re already a fan of Tweetdeck, you should love the new version.

Tweetdeck 2.0 is a totally new app, so you’ll need to re-download it if you previously purchased. The app is available for free in the App Store.

What do you think of Tweetdeck’s redesign? Do you prefer the old version? What Twitter app do you use?