Leaked Photos of iPhone 4S, Could Have Bigger Screen

As we get closer to WWDC this year, expect next generation iPhone 5 rumors to really pick up (as if they haven’t already). Apple’s annual developers conference is set for June 6th and promises to unveil iOS 5 and hopefully provide information on the next iPhone.

Although there has been no official announcement from Apple, there has been some interesting evidence floating around the web over the last few weeks regarding the next iPhone. The latest comes from MIC Gadget, who posted some pictures this morning of the proposed iPhone 4S

The gadget site doesn’t offer any explanation as to how the photos were obtained, nor do they appear to be very confident that they’re real. However, if you look back at recent reports regarding the iPhone 5, these photos seem to match up with previous information.

There have been multiple rumors pointing to a similar design of the iPhone 4 for the iPhone 5 (or 4S). This wouldn’t be completely out of the ordinary for Apple, as many of you recall the iPhone 3GS.

Apple recently started sending out iPhone 4-looking devices with A5 chips to app developers. Since then, we’ve seen several leaked photos of white, iPhone 4-looking devices. The snapshots posted on BGR‘s website this weekend looked exactly like a white iPhone 4, but it obviously wasn’t.

The photos posted to MIC’s page this morning match both the BGR photos and the video released last week of an iPhone running a mysterious version of iOS. The pictures also seem to support the theory that the next iPhone will get a larger screen.

As you can tell by the side-by-side comparison, the “leaked” iPhone model has a slightly bigger screen than the current one. The new screen size looks to be about 3.7 inches instead of 4.

This is obviously all speculation at this point. Apple could easily be keeping the new iPhone design a complete secret. If you remember, the iPhone 4 that was found in a bar inside a 3G-like casing.

But if the prototypes are accurate, expect the next iPhone to look extremely similar to the current model, with updated hardware. I just hope that Apple wouldn’t make everyone wait until September for a “bridge” product.

What do you think?