Cydia Experiencing Issues Due to Amazon EC2 Outage? [UPDATED]

According to a recent tweet from big-name jailbreak dev chpwn, it appears that Cydia is experiencing connectivity issues due to a prolonged outage of Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing service.

EC2 is a service used by many heavily-trafficked services on the internet, and Amazon has been experiencing an EC2 service outage for an astounding 16+ hours. Some say that Cydia is working fine, but the jailbreak store has been experiencing intermittent connectivity issues since the EC2 outage began.

Cydia’s creator and admin, saurik, addressed the EC2 outage when it started over 12 hours ago.

Saurik has not commented on Cydia’s offical status since his last tweet, but chpwn draws attention to the fact that Cydia is still experience some connectivity issues.

Since EC2 hosts Cydia’s web and purchasing backend, it’s a pretty big deal for the jailbreak community whenever EC2 experiences downtime.

Browsing and using Cydia has been fine on my end, but some of you could still be experiencing connectivity issues. Has Cydia not been working for you today? What about intermittent periods of downtime?

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UPDATE: It appears that the Cydia store is working again. Amazon’s EC2 service is slowly coming back online, and some Cydia users are still reporting intermittent periods of downtime. Account details and purchases seem to be the only affected aspects of Cydia.