Amazon Running iPhone 5 Advertisements

I’m all for planning a good strategy, being proactive, and all of those other productivity buzzwords.

But when a product hasn’t even been announced, let alone released, I think advertising an unannounced product that you had no hand in creating might be going too far.

That’s the circumstance that Amazon finds themselves in right now, because if you perform a Google search for “iPhone 5” it’ll return iPhone 5 advertisements that point to Amazon.

So what exactly happens when you click the link? Where does it take you?

I clicked the link, and it took me to Amazon’s search results for “iPhone 5”. This of course didn’t take me to any product page for the iPhone 5 — remember it hasn’t even been announced by Apple; in fact the first result it retuned was an iPhone 4 selling for nearly $700 bones.

So the question remains; what is Amazon’s motivation behind creating advertisements for a product that has yet to be announced? Are they trying to draw traffic to their site?

Take a gander at the following Google trending statistics for the “iPhone 5” search term and you can probably put two and two together on that one.

What do you think about Amazon’s tactics? Smart, devious, or a combination of both?