New Apple TV2 4.3 Jailbreak Available Soon

While we have shown you how to jailbreak your Apple TV2 with Seas0nPass, there hasn’t been an untethered solution available for the latest firmware. The tethered jailbreak requires you to connect your Apple TV2 to your computer every time it restarts.

Well good news to all of you folks who have been waiting to jailbreak your second edition Apple TVs on iOS 4.3, for real. The latest news in the iDevice community is that an official jailbreak is near from the famous Dev Team. This will work for the iPhone, the original iPad, and it looks like the Apple TV2.

Expert iDevice hacker MuscleNerd shared the good news yesterday via Twitter that the ATV2 was covered in the latest jailbreak. He also gives nods to Saurik and NitoTV for helping finish the Apple TV2 exploit.

For those not familiar with the names, Saurik is extremely popular on the jailbreaking scene thanks to all of his work on Cydia. NitoTV is jailbroken software for Apple TV. It serves as an advanced media player and the front end for several plugins.

If you want to take advantage of the new features in iOS 4.3, but you also like having your Apple TV jailbroken, stay tuned. We will keep you up to date on the latest Apple TV2 jailbreak news.

Is anyone excited for an official Apple TV2 jailbreak?