Apple TV Now Has MLB.TV and NBA Live Game Streaming

Apple TV has been described, by Apple, as a hobby. But it seems to be a part of some master plan to take over your living room. What was once just a buffer between you and your desktop to stream iTunes content, is quickly becoming an extension of your iDevices.

Already known to be running a version of Apple’s iOS platform, that runs on Apple’s popular iPhone and iPad products, it can only be a matter of time before we see an Apple TV App Store. With one of Apple’s latest software updates to the Apple TV, MLB.TV and NBA.TV (popular iPhone apps) are now available on its home screen. Could this mean other apps aren’t too far behind?

Probably not. MLB.TV streaming has existed on Roku and Boxee for a couple of years already, but it’s a nice touch. Users are able to watch full games without blackout restrictions and watch highlights from any game in the league. Wow if Apple gets the NFL Network, cable’s in trouble.

My hope is that Apple is really considering the potential of an App Store for Apple TV. Imagine playing a racing game on your HiDef TV, off of your Apple TV, using your iPad as a steering wheel.  Or imagine playing board games on the big screen, while the whole family uses iPod touches and iPhones as controllers.

Has anyone subscribed to either of these services? Is anyone holding their breath for an Apple TV App Store? Tell us below!