ToneFXs 2.0 is Your Complete Solution to iOS Sound Customization

One of the missing features in the iPhone is the ability to customize sounds on the device. Compared to the competition, this is a field where the iPhone fails, badly.

Enter ToneFXs. ToneFXs 2.0 is a jailbreak app that lets you customize all the sounds on your iPhone. That includes anything from custom push notification alerts, custom email alerts, custom email alerts for specific contacts, custom text message alerts for specific numbers, custom calendar alerts and much more.

Not only can you customize iOS sounds to the fullest, the app also allows you to shuffle multiple tones for all the alerts. You can also create your own tones by visiting Efiko Software’s website and downloading the free ToneFXsCreator.

Features include:

  • Custom Push Notification Sounds
  • Custom Text Message alerts for specific contacts
  • Custom New Email alerts for specific contacts
  • ToneFXsCreator (now works independent of iTunes )
  • Improved arrangement of tones
  • Support for your existing ringtones
  • Support for iPad
  • Option for silent tones
  • New U.I.
  • New Tone Trigger engine
  • Custom Button tap sounds
  • Custom Open and Close App sounds
  • Custom Table Cell Tap sounds
  • Shuffle Push Notification Tones
  • Shuffle Text Message tones
  • Shuffle Email Tones

ToneFXs requires an iPhone, iPod touch running on iOS 4.0+. ToneFX’s 2.0 is available in the Cydia Store for $4.99. The app also includes a free trial so you can try it before you buy it. Users who bought ToneFXs 1.0 (Lite) will be able to purchase the 2.0 Pro version at the reduced price of $1.99.

Have you tried the new version of ToneFXs?