A Year Later, the “Lost iPhone” Investigation is Almost Over

You remember the lost iPhone debacle last year? If you don’t, let me refresh your memory.

Apple engineer goes to a bar, gets drunk, forgets a prototype of what will later be known as the iPhone 4. Another dude finds the prototype, sells it to Gizmodo which of course ran the full story about “the next iPhone“. Apple gets pissed, sends cops over to Gizmodo editor’s house, bust down his door, which was the beginning of a long investigation.

I made it short but you get the idea. Here we are, 11 months later, and it seems the investigation is getting close to an end…

The results of the investigations? Well we don’t know much right now. While prosecutors say Gizmodo should be held responsible, freedom of press advocacy groups say the site was just doing its job: breaking news.

I’m sure we’ll find out more in the next few weeks.

What do you think?