iPad 2 Available Online at 1am Tonight

As of tomorrow 5pm you will be able to buy the iPad 2 in several locations, including of course the Apple Store. For those of you who don’t want to wait in line, Apple will allow for iPad 2 orders online as of 1am PST.

I need 3 iPads so here is my strategy: I’ll set my alarm clock at 1am and order 2 iPads, one white, one black. These 2 iPads are gifts for my mother and mother in law.

I’ll go to the Apple Store Friday before 5pm and get the line. As soon as I get inside the store, I will check out the 2 colors and decide whether I want to go with white or black. Historically, I’ve always chose black products, but I have to admit the white iPad 2 looks gorgeous.

Unless you’re an Apple fanatic like me, I believe the best solution for you is to order online. Sure you won’t get instant gratification, but Apple said they will ship online orders fast. That means that you could get your new iPad as early as Saturday, or, worst case scenario, on Monday.

So, what are you going to do?