Google Instant Previews Available on iOS

Google is constantly innovating features when it comes to web searching. They’ve been pioneers in the search industry for many years, and they don’t show any signs of stopping. One of their most recent innovations, Instant Preview, has officially made its way to iOS devices.

The feature is actually pretty handy. If you haven’t used it on your desktop yet, it’s the little magnifying glass that shows up next to each search result link when using Google. Clicking this magnifying glass opens up a thumbnail preview of the website in a nice overview…

It’s just as easy on your iDevice. Try opening up your Safari browser and do a Google search for the word jailbreak. Once your results have loaded, try selecting a magnifying glass next to one of the links. This will open up the ‘Instant Preview’ window that will let you swipe between thumbnails of webpage overviews.

If you’ve ever had a website open, and accidentally closed it, you know it can be a pain to find the site again if it didn’t save to your history. With this feature, as long as you remember what the site was about and what it looked like, you can swipe your way through tons of thumbnails to find the site you are looking for quickly.

Has anyone used this feature on their iPhone or iPad yet? What do you think?