Google Rolling Out Instant Preview to the iPhone, iPad

Google continues its iOS update-fest, with Google Instant Preview being the latest feature from the search giant to make its way to the iPhone.

Personally, I’m not a big user of Google Instant Preview on the desktop, but I could see how it would prove beneficial to those involved in an intensive search for something specific.

Instant Preview allows you to quickly compare results, and pinpoint relevant content on the desktop; now those same features are heading to your iPhone…

The UI for Instant Preview looks somewhat similar to the desktop version, little magnifying glass and all, but the actual previews have been tweaked with the iPhone’s available screen real estate in mind.

Instead of loading up a preview on the same page, Google has opted to go with a swipe interface that works similar to switching tabs in Safari. This makes a lot of sense, since it’s already a proven method of quickly identifying what you’re looking for.

I’ve yet to receive this update to Google search on my iPhone, what about you? Have you tried it?

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