The Best Way to Follow Today’s Apple Event

Apple events are legendary in the tech community. No other company receives the level of response and interest that Apple gets with their announcements.

This fact is probably due to the intense level of secrecy that Apple maintains around their new products. Rumors ran rampant about what Apple will do next, but no one ever really knows what’s going to happen.

If you’re interested in following today’s Apple announcement as it happens, here’s a list of the best places on the internet for live Apple coverage.

Some of the best liveblogs for today’s event are:

All of the above sites will be in the audience at the Apple event providing first hand coverage.

Sites like ziPadBlog, TUAW, and RazorianFly will be commentating and rounding up info from multiple sources that are actually at the event. So if that’s your thing, you can check those sites out too.

Gizmodo hasn’t been invited to the event, but they’ll be giving their two cents as well.

In my opinion, Engadget offers the best overall coverage of these events. Their photos are always top notch, and most people like the way they cover what’s happening onstage.

Luckily, you have quite a few sources to choose from for coverage. If you’re extra brave, use the miracle of tabbed browsing and use them all!

Let us know how you follow the coverage of today’s event. We here at iDB will be sure to keep you updated on any iPhone-related news that comes from today’s announcement.

Apple’s event starts:

10:00AM – Pacific
12:00PM – Central
01:00PM – Eastern