New Report Suggest Verizon iPhone Not Creating Many New iPhone Users

I’ve seen it, and no doubt you’ve seen it. A new iPhone is released and people get excited; people line up hours in advance just to get their hands on the latest goods from Apple.

Then there are the folks that have never even owned an iPhone before; many of them are excited as well because this new release will be their first taste of the iPhone.

My point is, if there’s one thing that the introduction of a new iPhone does, it’s bring excitement to the mobile phone landscape, and guarantee a heaping helping of first time adopters.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the Verizon iPhone 4 didn’t quite accomplish that…

Marco Arment — the founder of popular offline content reader Instapaper — suggest that the Verizon iPhone might not be doing so well when it comes to pulling in first time adopters.

He noted that his app didn’t get the usual “huge spikes” in sales that most developers of popular apps receive when new iPhone hardware is released.

That makes sense, seeing as the Verizon iPhone 4 is just that, an iPhone 4 — hardware that’s already a good 8-9 months old.

It also suggests the possibility that Verizon sales just weren’t that astounding, or that most of those who did adopt the Verizon iPhone where refugees from camp AT&T.

Whatever the scenario, we hate to say that we told ya so; but, well yeah, we told ya so.

How many people do you know with a Verizon iPhone 4?