GreenPois0n RC 6.1 Released to Remedy iBooks Problems

As you may have heard, Apple is beginning to get petty with their fight against the jailbreak community.

The latest strategy taken on by Apple is to prevent you from reading the books you purchased on iBooks if it detects a jailbroken iPhone.

@Comex responded first with his hilariously named “Hunnypot” solution, and now the Chronic Dev team has followed suit with the release of GreenPois0n RC 6.1

Hot off the heels of the release GreenPois0n RC 6 comes a small incremental update that puts the iBooks issues to bed.

As you’re no doubt already aware of, GreenPois0n is a tool for iPhone users that allows you to perform an untethered jailbreak on iOS 4.2.1.

Now we can reboot our iPhone’s away from home, and read the books we paid our hard earned money for. Good deal.

You can download GreenPois0n RC 6.1 here for both Windows and Mac.

Are you surprised that the jailbreak community has responded with a fix so quickly?