Apple Posts Differences Between CDMA and GSM iPhone 4

Yesterday, we posted a data speed comparison, comparing AT&T and Verizon networks. While Verizon seemed to do better than AT&T in every way (in the San Francisco area, at least), it looks like the Verizon iPhone has some shortcomings as well.

Although we missed it, it seems that Apple had posted a comparison chart last week, detailing the differences between the GSM and CDMA versions of the iPhone. This comparison chart solely focuses on how the GSM and CDMA versions of the iPhone handle calls…

The main differences between the two models are, the GSM version of the iPhone supports up to five calls simultaneously for conference calling, whereas the CDMA version of the iPhone only supports up to two calls simultaneously conference calling. Apple also notes that CDMA networks may not be able to add, swap, or merge calls in certain situations, which had already been brought up last week.

Lastly, and for some, one of the most important features in a phone, the CDMA model of the iPhone does not offer the ability to place a call on hold whereas the GSM model does. While these shortcomings in the CDMA iPhone might not bother most people, I can see the inability to add more than 2 calls to a conference call becoming a problem for some; specifically business users.

What do you think?