‘Bouncer Boot Out’ Gives You the Power to Kick Someone to the Curb

I hope that none of you have had to experience being rejected at the door of a club. Either you were underage, underdressed, or uninvited, there was always a huge guy blocking the entrance with his arms crossed telling you to leave. With Bouncer Boot Out [iTunes Link] you are that “huge guy” and it’s your job to let the cool people in and kick the not-so-cool people out.

Bounce Boot Out features six different clubs for you to reign on and two different game modes. Survival mode will have an unlimited number of guests until you make three mistakes. Timed Mode will only give you 90 seconds to make sure that the right guests get in…

Guests will be lined up horizontally on the screen while quickly entering the club on the left. Standing in this line will be kids, grandparents or strangely dressed people who obviously got lost or who are massively confused. Each club will have a different set of guests dressed differently but all really cartoony and goofy looking. I’m saying that in a good way, it really adds a humorous aspect to the game. As you go along, the guests will move more quickly and the game becomes really fast paced so after the design novelty wears off and it becomes Night at the Roxberry meets Stick Wars 2.

In the beginning the game will briefly show you whom to kick out and that’s when all the fun starts. When everything becomes too frantic, just make sure you don’t let underage children in. We all know what happens after that. Cops come in and shut down the party or in Bouncer Boot out, it’s game over.

Controls are very simple. Booting out unwanted guests will require a simple flick of the finger. If you move some of them back in the line and kick out more then one guest you can receive a combo score. Letting in the cool people will slowly increase your score while making mistakes and allowing unwanted guests in will reduce it.

In conclusion, this game features some pretty interesting animation and graphics. The developers spent a lot of time designing the characters and it really seemed to cut down on the repetitive factor. But after finishing all 6 clubs, I really didn’t feel like going through the process again.

Good Points:

1. Excellent design of characters
2. Overall nice graphics

Bad Points:

1. Repetitive after a few times
2.  Really hectic when the speed picks up

You can download Bouncer Boot Out from the App Store for $.99. Make sure to let us know what you think of this game if you decide to try it out.