Burn the Rope for iPhone Makes Burning Fun

Burn the Rope (iTunes Link) was developed by Big Blue Bubble and is a game that presents puzzle solving in a very unique way.

In Burn the Rope you will have a rope that is curled and twisted in many different shapes and sizes. Your goal is to burn as much or all of the rope without the fire flickering out. The accelerometer will primarily act as your controls so be prepared to wave your iPhone like Harry Potter’s wand to keep that fire burning!

Once you finish the level you will be rewarded with either a bronze, silver or gold medal. Awarded medals will depend entirely on how much rope was burned. I always welcome medals or stars in puzzle games as  it adds a lot more game value and makes you go back to try a different methods in order to get a better score.

During the game you will come across a few challenges in the form of insects that will really fire things up. First, colored rope will make its way in and can only be burned by blazing a colored ant of the corresponding color.  Secondly, colored beetles will be placed in difficult locations but when burned (again with the same colored flame) will give you more points to hopefully obtain a better medal. Lastly, spiders will make spider webs that will allow you to burn those hard to reach areas.

The background of the stages features similar yet slightly diverse dark wood patterns. The mood of the game is also dim and shadowy but in the grand scheme of things, the developers did a good job of matching the graphics to the overall concept of the game.

Burn the Rope presents over 80 different levels, which should give you more than enough game play. The tilt-based controls are responsive but can become tiring after a few rounds. Finally, the inclusion of medals gives more replay value to puzzle fans.  All this for only $.99 is hard to beat, so I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Good Points:

1. Plenty of maps
2. Unique concept

Bad Points:

1. Tilt based controls is just not my cup of tea
2. Boring background