New Multitouch Gestures Indicate No Buttons on Future iPads

Apple has recently seeded to its developers iOS 4.3 and there is plenty to read in between the lines with this latest version. The biggest change is the additional gestures for users to enjoy.

You will soon be able to pinch-out with four or five fingers in order to get back to the home screen. In addition, you will be able to swipe up with four or five fingers to display the fast-switching app bar, no matter what app you are in. A simple swipe down with just as many fingers will hide the app switcher.

Also, to perform multitasking fast app switching, you can swipe to the left or right, again with four or five fingers, to quickly switch from other apps running in the background. This addition alone is going to be the most beneficial.

I for one have had so much trouble double-clicking that home button to bring up the fast-switching app bar. Sometimes I click too slow and it just takes me to the home screen. Or sometimes I click too fast and the device only registers one click, thus taking me again to the home screen.

I also really like the actual multitasking gesture of swiping through all the open apps. This is as if all the apps are running side by side and your iPad is merely a window into one of them. Such a cool concept!

Check out the video above for a demonstration of these new gestures.