Jailbreak and Unlock Coming to the Verizon iPhone?

One of the first questions that might have come to your mind after the announcement of the Verizon iPhone this morning probably was: can you jailbreak the Verizon iPhone? Can you unlock it? That’s something we obviously can’t know for sure until our favorite Team of iPhone hackers get their hands on one of those babies.

However, I would assume that the jailbreaking process for the Verizon iPhone might not be different from AT&T’s. I assume the iOS loaded will have the very same backbones, even though iOS for Verizon will include extra features such as the ability to use your iPhone as a hotspot…

Something tells me if there is an exploit to be found, the exploit will be present in both versions of iOS.

Now regarding the Verizon iPhone unlock, I think it’s a completely different story. The basebands will be completely different and seeing how CDMA is not nearly as popular as GSM, I think the Dev Team will focus on the latter.

But again, we won’t know for sure until the Verizon iPhone comes out.