The Basics of Moving and Deleting iPhone Apps

Moving and deleting apps are probably two of the most fundamental functions that any iPhone user will use regularly; hence it fits perfectly in our iPhone Basics series of tutorials.

Step inside as we give you the low down concerning this primary function. We explain how to get into jiggle mode, how to delete apps, and why some apps can’t be deleted.

Perfect for those of you who are new to the iPhone…

A basic rule of thumb to remember is that all app icons can be moved, but only apps that you download from the App Store can be deleted.

For instance, if you download Pandora, and later decide you no longer want it, you can get into jiggle mode, and tap the ‘x’ icon to remove it.

Stock applications like the clock, calendar, phone, etc. cannot be removed. They can be moved, but they cannot be deleted from your iPhone. This is the way Apple designed it to work.

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