I Made More Money Than Steve Jobs Last Year

Yes, I made more money than Steve Jobs in 2010. Can you believe that? Chances are, if you worked for a minute or so in 2010, you too made more money than Apple’s CEO. That’s because Steve-o took a symbolic one-dollar salary for the year that ended.

This being said, don’t feel bad for Mr Jobs because the total value of his Apple shares is worth over 1.8 billion dollars. Not bad, huh?

The company regulatory SEC filing shows more, courtesy of 9 to 5 Mac:

The Company believes Mr. Jobs’s level of stock ownership significantly aligns his interests with shareholders’ interests; his total compensation consists of a salary of $1 per year.

$248,000 was reimbursed for company travel on the JobsMobile (the slightly-aging $90m Gulfstream V jet he was given in the last Century).

The company’s net income jumped 70 percent in fiscal 2010 to $14 billion, on revenue of $65.2 billion, an increase of 52 percent from a year earlier.

Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, Timothy Cook, took salary of $800,000 in 2010 along with a $5 million bonus and $52.3 million worth of stock awards.

Cook’s compensation included $40,001 for accrued and unused vacation.(Cook works pretty hard too).

So, did you make more than Steve Jobs too?