New Photos May Provide Clues About the Verizon iPhone

Are these the latest photos of the Verizon iPhone? Quite possibly. The fact that these skeletal snapshots are devoid of any drastic changes just may be indicative that we’re looking at the real deal here.

Inside, we examine three additional photos that highlight the subtle changes between the current iPhone 4, and what may possibly be Apple’s first foray into Verizon land…

All in all, the differences between the current iPhone 4 and this new iPhone may be hard to spot, but they are there. The good folks over at SmartPhone Medic have highlighted the changes with red circles.

The Top

The first noted changes resides on the top of the iPhone (pictured above). Here, you’ll see the current generation iPhone on the right sporting a black, antenna separating band, while what is suspected to be the Verizon iPhone is devoid of said feature.

SIM Side

This is the side that features the SIM card slot. Interestingly enough, if this indeed is the Verizon iPhone, it further concretes the notion that it will be a so-called ‘World Phone’, sporting both GSM and CDMA cellular standards.

Volume Side

The side opposite the SIM card slot sports the same volume and mute switch buttons. Notice the buttons on the reported Verizon iPhone are positioned slightly lower than on the iPhone 4.

Also, you’ll notice a fourth black band resting below the corner edge of the iPhone. Hopefully, this is Apple’s answer to the iPhone 4’s infamous antenna issues.

The Bottom

Last but not least, we have the bottom, which looks virtually identical to the current iPhone 4.

I’m more apt to believe photos like these because the changes aren’t too drastic, and I think Apple is quite satisfied with the iPhone 4’s design besides the obvious antenna problems.

What do you think about these latest photos? Do they look like the real deal to you?

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